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Tangmai F5 iOS Super bass Monitor earphone In-ear android Earplug Drive-by-wire

We promise Tangmai F5 is Comfortable to wear, K song with microphone, shocking loud sound field, game earplugs, music earphones.

1. Tang Mai loud voice interpretation is extraordinary, equipped with 10mm large diameter unit yuan majestic momentum, self-evident, 10mm neodymium iron boron; stereo presence; 108db sensitivity; PET high-definition diaphragm.
2. The fuselage has been greatly modified to adopt a structure that fits into the corner of the ear and is comfortable to wear and sound better!
3. Loud line double upgrade details are more detailed! Ordinary 4 shares, only 2 shares of transmission sound.
4. Great to accommodate a variety of devices! 3.5mm international standard pin, compatible with mobile phones, MP3, tablet, computer.
5. Tang Mai loud voice interpretation is extraordinary! With 10mm large diameter unit, the momentum is self-evident.