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Badminton Is My Favorite Sport

Whole my families like playing badminton! We play every weekend in a sports club close to our home. To help novices and current players improve their skills, we will also attend badminton training sessions. It is so easy to take bad habits and adopt questionable techniques, so it is very useful to seek advice from experts. In return, this will improve the games we play and give players more sense of success, as they will see that their game improves considerably.


They all have the same basic elements, like the handle, the stem and the head. They are usually made of steel and aluminum, the lighter the Lining badminton racket, the better. Over the years, the weight of a racket has been reduced and you can now find rackets of the highest range weighing only 70 grams. Most badminton rackets are 80 to 100 grams. They are made of carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber is rigid and offers a very good movement. Before carbon fiber, rackets were made of wood, can you imagine the weight of these?

If you wish to participate and play badminton, classes are available at your local schools, universities or sports centers. Playing badminton does not break the bank either. On average, a court can cost about 10 A (about $ 15) and if you play doubles, it is clear that it is only 2.50 A (about $ 4) per player. Of course, as an additional cost, you have to buy rackets and flyers, but it does not cost much. The best thing to do is to set a budget and stick to it.

Badminton rackets: Heavy rackets against light rackets

You can get more power with a racket with a heavy head compared to a racket with the head when breaking. However, the speed of the steering wheel is correlated to the speed of rotation of the racket. Some people find that they can produce faster shots with a light racket than a heavy racket. However, the striking power also depends on other factors, such as wrist strength, technique, racket stiffness and aerodynamics, the type of racket rope and the tension of the rope. I do not want to be too technical here, but do not rush and buy a heavy racket for your head, as it will not improve your speed and power significantly. If you are strong enough to use the pole on a head racket, it would be more useful to you, because a light racket is also useful during the defense.


You can also rent Lining badminton shoes at your sports center or university where you can hire badminton courts. Therefore, you can try different methods to find out which ones are best for you before buying one.

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Enjoy your badminton!