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Application Of Microwave Drying Equipment

Microwave drying is a new type of drying. Once dried, the energy of the microwaves acts directly on the molecules of the medium to become thermal energy. Since the microwave has the penetrating property for simultaneously heating the interior and exterior of the medium, no conduction of heat is required, the heating rate is therefore very fast and the drying speed can be reduced for foods rich in content. less than 30% water. Hundreds of times At the same time, whatever the shape of the object, because of the simultaneous heating inside and outside the middle of the object, the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside Outside the material is low, the heating is uniform and the condition of the external coke in There is no conventional heating, so the quality of drying is greatly improved.

Microwave drying is different from the traditional drying method in that the direction of heat conduction is the same as the direction of diffusion of the water. Compared to the traditional drying process, it has the following advantages: high drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy realization of the automatic control and improvement of the quality of the product. Already in the 1960's, much research had been conducted on the application and theory of microwave drying technology abroad, and new developments had been made in recent decades. China's microwave drying technology is now used in the food industry, chemical materials industry, pharmaceutical industry, mining industry, ceramics industry, laboratory analysis, rubber processing wet natural, etc.



Widely used in production and life. The purpose of drying is to remove moisture or solvents from certain raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products intended for processing, use, transport and storage. Typical drying methods include mechanical methods, chemical methods and heating (freezing) methods. These methods are cumbersome, expensive drying or slow drying and low yield. With the development of science and technology, such as biological, new materials ( multiphase composite materials, nanomaterials, smart materials and biomedical materials, etc.), advanced ceramics, new high quality foods and new pharmaceutical products, the emergence of new products, traditional drying technology and dryers are not always adequate. Microwave dryer technology and microwave dryers have been widely used in light industry, chemical materials industry, food processing industries and agricultural products and have shown remarkable benefits. Microwave drying is undoubtedly a new technology to meet the requirements of new products.

The Microwave dryer makes the nutrients of the materials are not lost, and the material does not change color. Industrial drying speed is also fast. So it's the best choice for your business.

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